Davis-Standard Feedscrews on Sale

To reduce its feedscrew inventory, Davis-Standard, LLC is offering more than 25 feedscrew designs at significantly reduced prices. Feedscrews for a variety of applications and resins are available in sizes ranging from 3/4-inch to 3.5-inches (19 to 90mm). Examples include metering screws, DSB® screws with spiral mixers, low work RPVC barrier screws, DSB high work FPVC screws and rubber screws. Available feedscrews are for Davis-Standard extruders only, including the Killion, Mark, Thermatic®, D-S Series, NRM and Super Blue® extruder lines. The feedscrews can be viewed online at www.davis-standard.com. Under the “R&D/Technology/Services” heading, click on the link that reads “Special Screw Prices.” There you will find a complete listing and description of available feedscrews as well as photos and pricing.
This is the first time we’ve ever had a feedscrew sale,” explained Rick Stannard, manager of Davis-Standard’s inter-company sales. “We manufactured additional screws to support our large base of extruders in the field and our inventory simply got overstocked. This is a great time for our customers to purchase new or replacement feedscrews at very good prices.”
For more information on the feedscrew sale and availability, contact Rick Stannard at [email protected] or (860) 599-6203.

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