Borealis: New Borealis Borpact™ PP Packaging Grade Delivers Unique Optical Performance

Borealis brings a new polypropylene Borpact™ grade to film converters and product manufacturers which offers solutions to the packaging industry due to a unique combination of good low temperature resistance, high stiffness, high heat resistance plus excellent optical properties.
Borpact BC914TF is an innovative heterophasic copolymer for thermoformed, cast and blown film. It can deliver easy-to-process, user-friendly and attractively-finished packaging through a brand new combination of properties. The latest addition to the Borpact generation provides the following typical benefits:
• Label film, for example, transparent, printed labels for bottles: high stiffness, good optics, good punching
• Food packaging, for example printed sleeves for fresh and frozen bread: high stiffness, sterilisable
• Retortable stand-up pouch, for example, for fresh pet food: easy tear opening; FDA approval; high seam seal strength
• Carrier layer for peelable lidding film, for example, on microwaveable food containers: high stiffness, good processing, high heat resistance
• Transparent thermoformed cups and trays, for example, low temperature or microwaveable food applications, such as ready-to-eat food: good low temperature resistance, good optics and thermoformability.
Peter Niedersüß, Product Development Engineer for Borealis’ film business, comments: ‘By combining the well-established properties of polypropylene heterophasic copolymers with especially good transparency and optics, Borpact BC914TF will ensure manufacturers achieve an attractive, high-quality finish to their packaging. Consumers will benefit from the convenience of new packaging types. These include easy-open pouches replacing tinned foods.’
Borealis has more than 40 years experience in providing advanced polyolefin solutions for industries using film, coating and thermoforming products. With foresight throughout the value chain and a focus on customer needs, Borealis continues to provide innovative, value creating PP and PE solutions for the film industry.
Borealis is a leading, innovative provider of plastics solutions with more than 40 years of experience in polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). Borealis products are converted by its customers into daily life products such as food packaging, medical devices, diapers, distribution pipes, automotive parts and power cables.

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