Battenfeld Chen: Delivery of its First PET Line

Battenfeld Chen just delivered its first PET sheet line to Shanghai, China. This co-extrusion 3-layer line is dedicated to production of PET sheet in a width of 710 mm with an output of 400 kg/h. The pre-dried A-PET and G-PET resin is fed separately into a 90 mm main extruder and a 65 mm co-extruder, both with 32 L/D. The state of the art co-extrusion feed-block and flat die is adapted for sheet in an A/B/A structure. By using different selec-tor plugs, layer sequence changes can be easily achieved without disconnecting the die or feedpipes from the feedblock. The 45° inclined roll stack, well known for com-fortable design for easy start-up and web handling, can fully satisfy the processing of PET sheet in a thickness range of 0.3-1.2 mm. The same roll stack is also competent for the production of PP and PS sheet.
The operation of most of the equipment, including extruders, die, melt pumps and hydraulic screen changers, roll stack and take-off, are realized via a user-friendly touch-screen control panel. A three-station center winder for two webs, with winding diameter up to 800 mm, and manual web cutting and changeover, is equipped on this line. The display and con-trol of winder speed/tension and the speed coordination with the roll stack, and also the length metering is done by an individual touch-screen control panel at the winder. A web accumulator integrated in front of the winder, with a capacity of 15 m, enables a safe cross cutting and web changeover without danger for the operators. The fin-ished roll can be pneumatically moved out from the expanding shaft to a trolley. The thermoforming grade PET sheet is used for medical blister packaging, food trays and also packaging for toys and electric products. To prevent surface scratches dur-ing handling, storage and transportation, a film laminator mounted on the take-off unit applies protective film to one surface of the web. Before leaving the take-off, the other surface of the web is coated with a thin layer of anti-block silicone through an integrated coating device, which facilitates the sheet handling through the thermo-former.
The SMS group is internationally active in plant construction and mechanical engineering relating to the processing of steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics. The group is divided into the Business Areas of Metallurgical Plant and Rolling Mill Technol-ogy, Tube, Long Product and Forging Technology and Plastics Technology. In the year 2003 around 9500 employees world-wide generated a turnover of around EUR 2.20 bn.

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