Polo: Road to Success with Bruckner at their Side

Brazilian Polo Films, one of Latin America’s leading film producers, decided to further enhance their BOPP film production and looked no further than their reliable partner Brückner to help them achieve this. A new 8.2 m high-speed stretching line from Brückner will increase Polo’s total annual production capacity by another 30,000 tons, putting a total of more than 92.000 tons of high quality packaging film per year at their disposal. Thus, Polo will not only be able to benefit significantly from the still growing Latin American BOPP film market, but they will also be able to expand their export quota considerably.
Polo Films decided to extend its successful, long-lasting partnership with Brückner (this being already their third project together) also due to the line’s convincing technology (production speed 450 m/min, latest 5-layer twin screw extrusion equipment). Brückner’s involvement as a partner whom customers have come to rely on will not only optimize Polo Film’s business, but also help them strengthen their outstanding position within the worldwide film industry through an enhanced product portfolio and highly flexible equipment.
With the new line Polo Films will be able to satisfy the markets` growing needs for:
• metallized and barrier films
• down gauging in laminated applications
white opaque films for labels.

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