Autoload: New Model On-Spec Feeder OS-B Gravimetric Loss-in-Weight Feeder

Reduce waste, increase profits and product quality with the OS-B Gravimetric feeder from Autoload. This loss-in-weight feeder automatically compensates for any variation in the bulk density of the additive, delivering the exact amount of resin from shot to shot for injection molding or continuously for extrusion applications every time. Set-up takes a matter of minutes using a calibration weight. Then just set the % additive and the feeder will do the rest. The OS-B Gravimetric feeder provides excellent accuracy at a fraction of a typical loss-in-weight feeder price. Its unique design uses a stepper motor with a feed cylinder to deliver material reliably and consistently to the machine. No motor brushes to maintain and, as with all the OS Feeders, its modular design permits easy disassembly and cleaning of the feeder for quick material change requirements. Feeder throughput up to 55 lbs/hr.
Simple user friendly controller permits rapid calibration and operation of the feeder. The OS-B Gravimetric Feeder is easy to set up and install delivering a consistent and uniform flow of additive into the process. For the price you will not find a better loss-in weight-feeder being sold today.

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