EDI: New process to make films with 30+ layers

US flat film extrusion die maker Extrusion Dies is preparing to launch a new process technology for producing barrier packaging film constructions with 30 or more layers. The company’s Layer Multiplier Technology combines flat die, feedblock and multiplier unit that splits, realigns and then stacks the original multilayer melt stream to create structures with multiple repeat layers. It has already produced 32-layer film product in its development laboratory in the US. Multiple “stacked” layers improve barrier performance by dispersing thin areas or defects such as gels throughout the structure, eliminating permeation weak spots and maximising migration path.
EDI’s technology is based on Dow Chemical’s layer multiplier technology, which has been used by 3M to produce reflective films used in applications such as plasma screen displays. EDI is licensed to market the technology to producers of cast, oriented and coated film. The company has a 300mm wide development line operating in its US laboratory at Chippewa Falls, configured with a five layer feedblock and a 32-layer multiplier. EDI president Tim Callahan says a key element in the success of its system lies in the development of a short flow path multiplier unit, which minimises melt flow distance without compromising structure flexibility.

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