Wavin: New push fit system for metal plastic pipes

Wavin, a leading European innovator and producer of plastic pipe systems, has launched smartFIX, a unique push fit pipe connection system that combines a secure, reliable fitting solution with time and cost savings in the installation of sanitary and heating systems. Wavin smartFIX will have its first major showing at the Mostra Convegno Exhibition in Milan, February 28 – March 04, 2006.

Using the latest technology, design and fit-for-purpose material, Wavin smartFIX eliminates the risk of poor connections and leakage. With the new system the pipe is cut, any burr chamfered off, and the pipe pushed into the smartFIX connector, thus creating a secure, leak-free joint in 30-seconds without any special preparation. The new push fit system requires only standard tools and provides the professional plumber with a plumbing system that needs no remedial work or maintenance.

The first compact all plastic push fitting, Wavin smartFIX has been developed for the professional market as a complement to the Wavin Metal Plastic (MP) pipe systems that are rapidly gaining in popularity with plumbers and heating engineers throughout Europe. Light weight, flexible and safe, plastic piping simplifies the task of installers in new build residential housing. However, it is especially valuable in system renovation and replacement in older buildings in which pipework and pipe-ways are often difficult to access and require a simple, flexible solution. With the introduction of Wavin smartFIX, connecting all hot and cold water systems has now been made easier and more productive at lower installation cost.

Based on state-of-the-art design, Wavin smartFIX is a well designed, high-tech fitting. It utilises new dry-coated O-ring technology that considerably lowers the required push-in force, and eliminates the collection of the dust and dirt that can lead to failure. It also incorporates new spring-loaded grab-ring technology that removes the risk of damage to the pipe surface and, importantly, always ensures the pipe is correctly aligned thereby preventing errors and saving time.

Moreover, Wavin smartFIX construction allows the plumber to confirm visually that the pipe ends are correctly seated, eliminating the need for a secondary check for leakage, as well as call-backs to repair problems. This performance is supported by a 10-year warranty, although an actual working life of 50 years is confidently anticipated. Furthermore we expect to get recommendations and approvals by a number of European institutions (e.g. DVGW, KIWA/KOMO, COBRI INSTAL, VA, GNFS, IPP UNI)

With a body moulded in high performance PPSU, a material approved for use in medical, food contact and other strictly controlled applications, Wavin smartFIX gives the assurance that water quality is maintained and makes it a completely safe plumbing solution. Robust in construction, smartFIX is resistant to corrosion, high temperatures, high pressures and impacts, and satisfies all key European regulations governing pipework and accessories for potable water and hot water systems.

Because Wavin smartFIX has a comprehensive range of 48 different fittings is gives total application flexibility. With 16mm, 20mm and 25mm couplers, elbows, branch tees, reducers and metal insert transition fittings, Wavin smartFIX meets any configuration requirement for MP pipe systems. It can also provide a reliable connection for 15mm and 22mm copper pipework.

Rated for a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar at continuous use temperatures of 70°C and intermediate peak temperatures up to 95°C, the Wavin smartFIX push fit system is suitable for potable and heating water installations of all kinds.

With the addition of the new smartFIX push fit system to Wavin’s solutions portfolio, which includes the K1 press fitting system and complete range of MP pipes, Wavin can meet all the requirements of modern plumbing specifications, installation techniques and customer preferences.

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