MonoSol: Acquisition of French soluble film developer

MonoSol has acquired Greensol of France, after a long period of collaboration in the water soluble films market. The acquisition consolidates MonoSol’s expansion from its US base into Europe. In 2004, it bought UK company Aquafilm.Ines Naude-Filonniere, president of Greensol based in Sens, will work with MonoSol on marketing initiatives, and Laurent Colliot, Greensol’s sales manager joins MonoSol as regional sales manager. Colliot said: “We have a long history developing successful commercial applications for water soluble films. The packaging of detergents in PVOH unit-doses is just one example – this format now accounts for more than 15% of the European detergent market.” He added that he sees good market potential for MonoSol’s newest developments, the M-8900 acid resistant water soluble packaging film and the F-100 edible packaging film for ingredient dosing.

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