Plastic pipes information online

PlasticsEurope and The European Plastics Pipes and Fittings Association (TEPPFA) have this week launched an information website on the economic and environmental benefits of plastic pipes. The Brussels-based organisations have created the website to highlight that plastics pipes are sustainable, economic and durable. They said they “believe that the public are not fully aware of the many advantages of plastic pipes and that less sustainable and more expensive solutions are still being used”.
President of TEPPFA Roger Smith said: “This website will provide answers about the features and more importantly the benefits that have prompted the use and application of plastic pipe systems in our ever more environmentally conscious world. Furthermore, it will incorporate a proactive news gathering and distribution service that engages the media and encourages open dialogue on many fronts.” As well as discussing products and the industry, the website will publish the latest developments, such as new polymers, projects, case histories, environmental news, EU developments and business highlights.

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