Dow Corning: Guide to Silane Solutions

Dow Corning has issued a Chinese-language version of its successful 32-page “Guide to Silane Solutions,” which combines technology expertise with market knowledge to help chemists and application engineers develop new materials with greater reliability and improved performance.
The guide covers the basics of silane chemistry and the concepts of coupling with organofunctional silanes. The guide also discusses performance advantages of silanes in fiberglass and composites, mineral and filler treatment, pharmaceutical manufacturing, plastics and rubber, adhesives and sealants, and water repellents and surface protection.
“China is a very important, growing market for our products and services,” said Thierry Materne, Dow Corning global technology and business development manager, Silane Products. “This guide can help new and existing customers create next-generation solutions to improve their performance and productivity based on the interface between silanes and other materials.” To obtain a copy of the guide, visit

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