Cincinnati : High-performance Extruders for Excellent Melt Quality at Low Temperatures

Monos is the name of the new, powerful extruders from Cincinnati Extrusion GmbH, Vienna, Austria, which show a convincing performance in the produc-tion of various types of pipe with optimized technology. With their processing length extended to 37 D, the new single-screw extruders achieve an increase in output of up to 30% compared to their predecessor models from the Proton series. They also require less space than the earlier models, since the laterally protruding ventilators originating from a component supplier have been dis-pensed with, and the width of the control terminal has been reduced.
The new single-screw extruders, available in six sizes with screw diameters ranging from 45 to 150 mm and an output range between 270 and 1850 kg/h, are basically suitable for all applications demanding optimal melt quality at low melt temperatures. The extended 37 D processing unit, combined with the special Power Feed barrier screw and including an innovative compounding section at the screw tip, produces PE and PP pipes with perfectly smooth surfaces.
The Monos extruder’s control terminal is equipped with an air-water heat exchanger as standard. Monitoring of the cooling circuits provides additional protection for the machine. Monos extruders also achieve optimal product quality in the field of corru-gated gas and water pipes made from PE 100, PE 80 or PP. A long service life is ensured by bi-metallic barrels and screws with a special coating in the feed zone, which are included as standard.
The range of torques available provides high output performance at relatively low screw speeds. Monos extruders equipped with maintenance-free direct drives are available as an option.

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