Kiefel Innovative KIRION® MDO module

The presentation of the new KIRION® MDO module was the focus of the international press conference of KIEFEL Extrusion GmbH. The innovative Machine Direction Orientation (MDO) technology enables monoaxial stretching of films and film composites. It is thereby possible to provide blown or cast films with enhanced properties in a simple and efficient way. Film producers or film processors can extend their production range this way into new dimensions with an MDO line from KIEFEL.

An MDO line from KIEFEL helps the plastics processor to follow the prevailing international trend towards the reduction of film thickness in a new and enhanced way; usually enabling costs to be lowered.. As an example, with increased stiffness and strength along with a reduction of the film thickness. Monoaxial orientation can additionally increase the gas and vapor barrier properties. This creates the possibility for the processor to eliminate the purchase of other plastics materials and additional processes, apart from the fundamental reduction of EVOH or PA layers. In addition, the optical properties such as transparency and gloss are significantly improved. Innovative application areas are to be found in the food area, for example in the packaging of cookies, snacks, cheese, meat, sausages and candies. The new MDO lines can be used equally well for efficient production of high-grade films for stand-up pouches, label films, shrink labels and liners, as well as breathable hygienic films. KIEFEL MDO Project Manager Eberhard Wenger says of the prospects: “we are pleased to be able to offer the market such an innovative concept. It is also exciting that a large number of customers are involving themselves intensively with our MDO project and turning to KIEFEL with their ideas in order to obtain our advice and to profit from our experience”.

The KIRION® MDO line consists of four different discrete sections in which the desired properties are introduced to the film: the heating section, the stretching section, the annealing section and the cooling section. After sensitive tempering of the film on three independently temperature-controlled heating rolls that are independently driven from each other, stretching of the film takes place between two stretching rolls, which have adjustable stretching gaps between them, and are separately driven . Here nip rolls ensure sufficient traction in order to prevent slipping. The desired film properties are determined in the subsequent annealing section. Separate drive of the rolls and individual temperature control are also indispensable here. At the end of the process, the film travels over two independently driven and temperature controlled cooling rolls to bring it back to ambient temperature. The unique feature of the entire KIRION® MDO line concept consists of drives via individual servomotors and tempering with separate heating and cooling equipment.

All of the line components can be intuitively operated via the KIRION® C operator control console. Storage of recipe data, alarm management and display of various selectable trends are elements that are available to all customers.

The KIRION® MDO is suitable for installation either as inline equipment with a blown or cast film line, or in combination with unwinding and rewinding equipment as an offline system. The inline system is suitable for all applications in which large order volumes fully utilize the extrusion line. Personnel costs can be reduced with the combined extrusion-and-MDO operation, as well as optimizing the machinery footprint. Attention only has to be paid during installation that the production speeds of both main components are in harmony.

Offline operation is suitable for all those companies striving towards the greatest possible flexibility due to frequent product changes. This system configuration is in addition foreseeable for such converting companies possessing no film production of their own.

KIEFEL Extrusion is developing new paths as a specialist for blown film lines with the introduction of the KIRION® MDO concept. Not only has the production program been extended by a highly innovative component, but the Worms machinery manufacturer is in addition also opening up, together with its customers, the possibility of expanding into new fields of technology. Apart from blown film producers, cast film producers and converting companies also come into play in the circle of possible customers for MDO equipment. Due to its inherent potential, the market introduction of the MDO is a very important element for KIEFEL with respect to ensuring its future and enhancing its reputation as a technology innovator and leader.

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