Plastic Engineering Associates: Turbo-Screws technology feed screws for XPS foam

Plastic Engineering Associates Licensing, Inc. of Boca Raton, Florida, is pleased to announce the results of an evaluation trial with Turbo-Screws technology feed screws for an XPS foam insulation board producer in Europe.

Bill Fogarty, the company’s Vice President, commented on the evaluation results: ‘By simply replacing our customer’s industry standard foam screws with high productivity TurboScrews technology foam screws, the customer’s 120 mm x 150 mm tandem foam line output increased by 62.4%. Also, the XPS board quality increased significantly and we maintained all the customer’s desired product characteristics relating to product density, Kpa, lambda values and compressive strength. We were up and running in the first hour after changing out the screws.’

Plastic Engineering Associates Licensing, Inc. is a Florida corporation that holds the exclusive licensing rights to TurboScrews foam feed screw technology. TurboScrews technology is patented in over 50 countries world-wide. The company has been in business since 1998. The company is currently working with NatureWorks LLC on foaming polylactic acid polymers with TurboScrews technology foam screws. A signifcant announcement on the results of PLA foaming trial results is forthcoming this summer, according to Bill Fogarty.

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