Brückner: Obvious Upward Trend for Oriented Films

This year’s Chinaplas in Shanghai was once again very well attended, just as well as the Brückner booth. Numerous fruitful discussions attested a clear upward tendency for Chinese oriented film markets.

BOPP film producers especially showed great interest in Brückner’s concepts for either large and highly productive lines with speeds beyond 450 m/min and width up to 10 m (no other supplier has ever sold a stretching line with this film width) or super-flexible lines to fulfil the increasing amount of smaller lots and different products. BOPET producers were impressed about Brückner’s know how in special films, such as thick film for optical applications.
A great number of visitors were extremely interested in Brückner’s newly developed solutions to save on their energy bills, e.g. regenerating energy for line drive systems or a complete energy management system. Brückner Servtec’s well-attended technical seminar ‘The Brückner TDO Heat Recovery System - the Answer to Rising Energy Costs’ demonstrated the importance of these issues in a highly competitive market.
Brückner Formtec’s advanced line concepts for highest output APET and CPP extrusion film lines as well as a new line setup for PC film strengthened their excellent reputation and rapport with its Chinese partners. The company’s technical seminar ‘Next Generation APET & CPP Film Extrusion’ attracted a great deal of attention.
Besides the mere business the visitors loved to play tabletop football at the Brückner booth, a foretaste to the world football championship in Germany later this year.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity and visit Brückner at next year’s Chinaplas, 21 - 24 May 2007, Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Guangzhou, P.R. China.

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