Davis-Standard: Medical Tubing Systems in Saudi Arabia

Davis-Standard, GmbH in Erkrath, Germany, recently sold two medical tubing systems to a customer in Saudi Arabia. The systems included an FEP/PUR single lumen line and an F-PVC bubble tube/PUR multi-lumen line. Davis-Standard supplied all equipment including extruders, melt pumps, tooling, calibrators, pullers, cutters, winders and line controls. The systems will be used to manufacture a variety of specialty medical tubing supplies including bump tubing for liquid drains, PU medical tubing with encapsulated X-ray stripes, epidural tubing, multi-lumen catheter tubing, endotracheal and tracheotomy tubing.
Advantages of both systems include a compact design, direct drive extruders, quick release gear pumps and Hastalloy steel construction for FEP materials. The downstream equipment is medical grade stainless steel construction. The die on the multi-lumen line is complex with an internal micro air supply to prevent individual lumens from collapsing. The winders operate with an ultrasonic dancer for efficient coiling. In addition, the control systems include laser measured diameter controls and micro air controls to ensure product quality and consistency.
Davis-Standard’s presence in the Middle East continues to grow as the company has also done business in Kuwait, Lebanon and Libya.
For more information, contact Gerhard Folie at [email protected] or by telephone at +49-211-2404-313.

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