Guill Tool & Engineering : Next Generation In Small Extrusion Tooling

Guill Tool & Engineering has introduced the Micro-Mini II extrusion tooling, a considerably more compact version, for even smaller applications, than its highly popular Micro-Mini extrusion tooling. This new model has all of the advantages of the original version, but with the advantage of producing significantly smaller products than its predecessor, and because of its smaller size is also easier to handle. The Micro-Mini II is available in crossheads/inline dies to extrude product with an O.D. of 0.005 - 0.100 of an inch, as well as creating highly accurate walls of up to 0.0050 mm. The Micro-Mini II has overall dimensions of 45 mm in diameter by 45 mm in length, smaller than the Micro-Mini, which measures 59 mm in diameter by 59 mm in overall length. Specially engineered for manufacturers of medical tubing, wire and cable, electronics and tiny specialty OEM applications, the Micro-Mini II provides an exacting, convenient method to create the tiniest micro-sized tubing to date, with all types of compounds and expensive resin and polymer combinations. Applications are especially useful for those advanced medical projects that require tubing walls much smaller than the human hair. The Micro-Mini Series is available in single layer, single layer with a stripe, co-extrusion, co-extrusion with a stripe, triple extrusion and triple extrusion with a stripe, and in unlimited custom configurations.

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