Reifenhauser: New Five-Layer Die-Head

The newly developed five-layer die-head with spiral mandrels is an extension to the existing five-/seven-layer die-head design HDS (horizontal distribution system), which is focussed on very thin individual layers, for example, EVOH, tie-layer etc. The new five-layer die-head will close the gap between high quality three-layer applications and five-layer barrier film. These are contrary requirements in respect of layer thickness, melt viscosity and very different throughput per layer. The layout of the five-layer die-head is based on the very successful configuration of the new three-layer die-head with central IBC and spiral mandrels. This five-layer die-head can process a lot of different resin types such as Polyolefins (LDPE, LLDPE, Metallocenes, PP, EVA, etc), EVOH, PA and CoPET. This gives the film producer the flexibility to cover both film applications where mechanical properties are a main issue and barrier film for food and medical applications with a low OTR (oxygen transmission rate). This field is interesting for film producers who are newcomers in the barrier film market with different end-users, but are already well established in the three-layer market.

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