American Maplan: Co-extrusion Blocks Maximize Performance, Minimize Cost

American Maplan multi-layer technology blocks allow multiple material streams to be employed, maximizing product performance and minimizing ma-terial costs in the extrusion of pipe and profile. With this technology, product designers can use materials for specific properties such as weatherability and aesthetics that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.
Recycled material streams can be layered between prime materials to reduce waste. An additional advantage is that the co-extrusion blocks, in both dual and triple wall applications, adapt to most tooling with minimal modifications. In application, the co-extrusion blocks can be used in both pipe and natural fiber composites, and easily incorporate UV additives and colors. Significant product design flexibility is the end result.
Standard features of the co-extrusion blocks include superior layer thickness control with all flow surfaces chrome plated for high output with low operating pressure. Tri-ple wall blocks offer 6 heating zones plus 1 T-C for the monitoring cone for a total of 7 T-C’s. For dual and triple blocks, heating capacity is 6.75 and 14.3 kW, length is 207 and 736 mm and weights are from 115 and 818 kg, respectively.
American Maplan offers optional equipment for even greater flexibility in producing dual wall and triple wall pipe including conversion to three extruder capability and conversion kits for most existing pipe heads.
The ability to customize the blocks to the specific product needs of the customer is another advantage from American Maplan.
Co-extrusion technology allows various combinations of materials to maximize per-formance, economics and aesthetics.

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