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Guill Tool & Engineering : Next Generation In Small Extrusion Tooling

Friday, May 12th, 2006

Guill Tool & Engineering has introduced the Micro-Mini II extrusion tooling, a considerably more compact version, for even smaller applications, than its highly popular Micro-Mini extrusion tooling. This new model has all of the advantages of the original version, but with the advantage of producing significantly smaller products than its predecessor, and because of its smaller size is also easier to handle. The Micro-Mini II is available in crossheads/inline dies to extrude product with an O.D. of 0.005 - 0.100 of an inch, as well as creating highly accurate walls of up to 0.0050 mm. The Micro-Mini II has overall dimensions of 45 mm in diameter by 45 mm in length, smaller than the Micro-Mini, which measures 59 mm in diameter by 59 mm in overall length. Specially engineered for manufacturers of medical tubing, wire and cable, electronics and tiny specialty OEM applications, the Micro-Mini II provides an exacting, convenient method to create the tiniest micro-sized tubing to date, with all types of compounds and expensive resin and polymer combinations. Applications are especially useful for those advanced medical projects that require tubing walls much smaller than the human hair. The Micro-Mini Series is available in single layer, single layer with a stripe, co-extrusion, co-extrusion with a stripe, triple extrusion and triple extrusion with a stripe, and in unlimited custom configurations.

Davis-Standard: Medical Tubing Systems in Saudi Arabia

Thursday, May 11th, 2006

Davis-Standard, GmbH in Erkrath, Germany, recently sold two medical tubing systems to a customer in Saudi Arabia. The systems included an FEP/PUR single lumen line and an F-PVC bubble tube/PUR multi-lumen line. Davis-Standard supplied all equipment including extruders, melt pumps, tooling, calibrators, pullers, cutters, winders and line controls. The systems will be used to manufacture a variety of specialty medical tubing supplies including bump tubing for liquid drains, PU medical tubing with encapsulated X-ray stripes, epidural tubing, multi-lumen catheter tubing, endotracheal and tracheotomy tubing.
Advantages of both systems include a compact design, direct drive extruders, quick release gear pumps and Hastalloy steel construction for FEP materials. The downstream equipment is medical grade stainless steel construction. The die on the multi-lumen line is complex with an internal micro air supply to prevent individual lumens from collapsing. The winders operate with an ultrasonic dancer for efficient coiling. In addition, the control systems include laser measured diameter controls and micro air controls to ensure product quality and consistency.
Davis-Standard’s presence in the Middle East continues to grow as the company has also done business in Kuwait, Lebanon and Libya.
For more information, contact Gerhard Folie at [email protected] or by telephone at +49-211-2404-313.

Brückner: Obvious Upward Trend for Oriented Films

Thursday, May 11th, 2006

This year’s Chinaplas in Shanghai was once again very well attended, just as well as the Brückner booth. Numerous fruitful discussions attested a clear upward tendency for Chinese oriented film markets.

BOPP film producers especially showed great interest in Brückner’s concepts for either large and highly productive lines with speeds beyond 450 m/min and width up to 10 m (no other supplier has ever sold a stretching line with this film width) or super-flexible lines to fulfil the increasing amount of smaller lots and different products. BOPET producers were impressed about Brückner’s know how in special films, such as thick film for optical applications.
A great number of visitors were extremely interested in Brückner’s newly developed solutions to save on their energy bills, e.g. regenerating energy for line drive systems or a complete energy management system. Brückner Servtec’s well-attended technical seminar ‘The Brückner TDO Heat Recovery System - the Answer to Rising Energy Costs’ demonstrated the importance of these issues in a highly competitive market.
Brückner Formtec’s advanced line concepts for highest output APET and CPP extrusion film lines as well as a new line setup for PC film strengthened their excellent reputation and rapport with its Chinese partners. The company’s technical seminar ‘Next Generation APET & CPP Film Extrusion’ attracted a great deal of attention.
Besides the mere business the visitors loved to play tabletop football at the Brückner booth, a foretaste to the world football championship in Germany later this year.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity and visit Brückner at next year’s Chinaplas, 21 - 24 May 2007, Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Guangzhou, P.R. China.

Plastic Engineering Associates: Turbo-Screws technology feed screws for XPS foam

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

Plastic Engineering Associates Licensing, Inc. of Boca Raton, Florida, is pleased to announce the results of an evaluation trial with Turbo-Screws technology feed screws for an XPS foam insulation board producer in Europe.

Bill Fogarty, the company’s Vice President, commented on the evaluation results: ‘By simply replacing our customer’s industry standard foam screws with high productivity TurboScrews technology foam screws, the customer’s 120 mm x 150 mm tandem foam line output increased by 62.4%. Also, the XPS board quality increased significantly and we maintained all the customer’s desired product characteristics relating to product density, Kpa, lambda values and compressive strength. We were up and running in the first hour after changing out the screws.’

Plastic Engineering Associates Licensing, Inc. is a Florida corporation that holds the exclusive licensing rights to TurboScrews foam feed screw technology. TurboScrews technology is patented in over 50 countries world-wide. The company has been in business since 1998. The company is currently working with NatureWorks LLC on foaming polylactic acid polymers with TurboScrews technology foam screws. A signifcant announcement on the results of PLA foaming trial results is forthcoming this summer, according to Bill Fogarty.

Kiefel Innovative KIRION® MDO module

Monday, May 8th, 2006

The presentation of the new KIRION® MDO module was the focus of the international press conference of KIEFEL Extrusion GmbH. The innovative Machine Direction Orientation (MDO) technology enables monoaxial stretching of films and film composites. It is thereby possible to provide blown or cast films with enhanced properties in a simple and efficient way. Film producers or film processors can extend their production range this way into new dimensions with an MDO line from KIEFEL.

An MDO line from KIEFEL helps the plastics processor to follow the prevailing international trend towards the reduction of film thickness in a new and enhanced way; usually enabling costs to be lowered.. As an example, with increased stiffness and strength along with a reduction of the film thickness. Monoaxial orientation can additionally increase the gas and vapor barrier properties. This creates the possibility for the processor to eliminate the purchase of other plastics materials and additional processes, apart from the fundamental reduction of EVOH or PA layers. In addition, the optical properties such as transparency and gloss are significantly improved. Innovative application areas are to be found in the food area, for example in the packaging of cookies, snacks, cheese, meat, sausages and candies. The new MDO lines can be used equally well for efficient production of high-grade films for stand-up pouches, label films, shrink labels and liners, as well as breathable hygienic films. KIEFEL MDO Project Manager Eberhard Wenger says of the prospects: “we are pleased to be able to offer the market such an innovative concept. It is also exciting that a large number of customers are involving themselves intensively with our MDO project and turning to KIEFEL with their ideas in order to obtain our advice and to profit from our experience”.

The KIRION® MDO line consists of four different discrete sections in which the desired properties are introduced to the film: the heating section, the stretching section, the annealing section and the cooling section. After sensitive tempering of the film on three independently temperature-controlled heating rolls that are independently driven from each other, stretching of the film takes place between two stretching rolls, which have adjustable stretching gaps between them, and are separately driven . Here nip rolls ensure sufficient traction in order to prevent slipping. The desired film properties are determined in the subsequent annealing section. Separate drive of the rolls and individual temperature control are also indispensable here. At the end of the process, the film travels over two independently driven and temperature controlled cooling rolls to bring it back to ambient temperature. The unique feature of the entire KIRION® MDO line concept consists of drives via individual servomotors and tempering with separate heating and cooling equipment.

All of the line components can be intuitively operated via the KIRION® C operator control console. Storage of recipe data, alarm management and display of various selectable trends are elements that are available to all customers.

The KIRION® MDO is suitable for installation either as inline equipment with a blown or cast film line, or in combination with unwinding and rewinding equipment as an offline system. The inline system is suitable for all applications in which large order volumes fully utilize the extrusion line. Personnel costs can be reduced with the combined extrusion-and-MDO operation, as well as optimizing the machinery footprint. Attention only has to be paid during installation that the production speeds of both main components are in harmony.

Offline operation is suitable for all those companies striving towards the greatest possible flexibility due to frequent product changes. This system configuration is in addition foreseeable for such converting companies possessing no film production of their own.

KIEFEL Extrusion is developing new paths as a specialist for blown film lines with the introduction of the KIRION® MDO concept. Not only has the production program been extended by a highly innovative component, but the Worms machinery manufacturer is in addition also opening up, together with its customers, the possibility of expanding into new fields of technology. Apart from blown film producers, cast film producers and converting companies also come into play in the circle of possible customers for MDO equipment. Due to its inherent potential, the market introduction of the MDO is a very important element for KIEFEL with respect to ensuring its future and enhancing its reputation as a technology innovator and leader.

Freefoam Plastics: Further expansion of extrusion plant

Monday, May 8th, 2006

Building products manufacturer Freefoam Plastics is commissioning a fifth PVC extrusion line at its Northampton plant just 12 months after starting production at the site with a E4.4m investment.
The new line, like its four predecessors, is from Krauss-Maffei. It is a twin-screw coextrusion set-up, equipped with a swarf-less cutter that will reduce dust levels and the volume of waste going to landfill, says Freefoam.
The expansion will enable Freefoam to meet rapidly growing demand in the UK for its ranges of cellular roofline and rainwater systems. It will also enable production of a greater product range and reduce imports from the company’s main site in Cork, Ireland.
Earlier this year, the company installed a range of aluminium and stainless steel material handling silos, from Braby, at the Northampton plant. The installation, which included a 5-tonne fountain blending unit within the manufacturing plant, allows one week’s supply of raw materials to be stored.

Salamander: Now number 7 in European profile market

Friday, May 5th, 2006

PVC profile manufacturer Salamander Industrie Produkte, Germany, has rebounded from its slump and re-established itself in the top ranks of European manufacturers – at number 7. For 2005, the company met its consolidated sales target of around EUR 160m. This followed sales of EUR 116.4m in the short financial year of 2004, when the profile manufacturer was sold to private equity. The operating result was positive in both 2004 and 2005, said managing board chairman Bernhard Ruffing.

Pipelife: EPS-based insulation manufacturer divested

Friday, May 5th, 2006

Pipelife, Austria, a joint venture of Solvay and Wienerberger, has sold its Pipelife M-Plast unit in Finland to the plant manager, Kyösti Hakkarainen, and the Finnish venture capital company OKO Venture Capital. M-Plast develops, manufactures and markets EPS-based insulation products for the construction industry in Finland. The company, with net sales of EUR 8.4m in 2005, employs 14 people. Pipelife said that divesting the company would allow it to focus on its core plastic pipes business.

Maillefer: Return to optical fibre cable extrusion machinery

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

Extrusion machinery manufacturer Maillefer has returned to the development and production of machinery for the production of fibre optic cables.
Maillefer chief executive Pentti Hätälä says that Maillefer has been the “natural partner” during the last five years in providing extruders to Nextrom for the latter’s fibre optic cable systems, since the management buyout whereby the companies formally split from each other.
But Hätäla pointed out that as Nextrom had meantime been acquired by Knill Holding in January 2005 (Knill also owns wire extrusion machinery manufacturer Rosendahl which competes with Maillefer), “things have changed, the non-competition agreement with Nextrom is now over”.
At Wire 2006, Maillefer presented its OEL 40 and OEL 41 lines for the production of respectively loose tube for short distance and tight buffering for long distance protection of optical cable glass fibres.
Although not relevant for the wire and cable industry, Maillefer is using the opportunity of the Wire 2006 fair to point out its co-operation with Conenor, Finland involving the use of Conenor’s Conex equipment in the area of wood plastic composites (WPC).

Borealis: Faster crosslinking PE

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

Borealis has launched a new Supercure LC8205 polyethylene copolymer for peroxide cure crosslinking of medium voltage power cable insulation. It claimed the new material enables cable extrusion companies to run lines up to 30% faster when producing crosslinked polyethylene wire insulation, increasing their capacity by 20-25%.
LC8205, launched at Wire 2006 in Düsseldorf last week, is the first such material developed by Borealis and is said to also have enhanced water tree resistance.
Also at Wire 2006, Borealis showed a new “tough” wear resistant halogen-free, flame retardant and compound for IKV power cable sheaths. The black version of the new Casico FR6082 grade of polyolefin achieves high UV resistance with well dispersed carbon black, but it is also available in natural colour for coloured cable sheaths.
Bjørn said that Casico FR6082 is aimed as a one-material, one-cable solution for exterior cables that are brought inside buildings, where the flame retardancy is needed inside the building, and the toughness needed for its external use.