Huhtamaki: New, easy use cat food dish and lidding film

Huhtamaki has developed a new, easy to use cat food dish and lidding film together with Butcher’s Pet Care. Olli Single Serve is a complete cat food which enables owners to simply peel off the lid, feed the cat straight from the dish and dispose of when empty. All with the help of the innovative anti-slip technology to prevent the dish from slipping.
The white dish is made of multi-layer barrier polypropylene (PP with EVOH) and has a 140 grams capacity. The cat food has been enhanced by locking flavours and nutrients in during the cooking within the plastic container. The high barrier lidding film ( pet/Alu/PP) is retortable and easy to peel off. The high quality print on the lid makes the product stand out from the shelf and the materials used increase shelf life for up to 12-15 months.
User convenience has further been enhanced by facilitating multiple stacking and storage of the dish to assist cat owners. Huhtamaki’s new packaging allows Butcher’s Pet Care to offer cat owners a complete meal in an attractive dish to serve the cat food directly from, just by easily peeling off the lid. The new packaging is a result of extensive consumer research and is believed to make a huge impact on the pet food sector.
Laura Martin, Sales and Marketing Analyst at Huhtamaki UK is pleased about the new product: ‘In this new packaging, we have combined our knowledge in barrier plastic packaging and high quality lidding films. The end product is both good looking and very consumer friendly.’
Emelyne Robin, Brand Manager at Butcher’s Pet Care said: ‘This is the ultimate combination of owner’s convenience and quality cat food. After the success of Olli 100% Complete dry cat food and our reputation for health and natural nutrition, the new product is sure to be a winner!’
The new Olli Single Serve cat food will be rolled out in leading supermarkets in the UK throughout 2006 and beyond.

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