Davis Standard: New HPE Extruder Excels in Size, Performance and Delivery

The new HPE (high performance) extruder line from Davis-Standard, LLC exemplifies processor demands with a small footprint, performance features and a fast delivery for coextrusion and multi-layer applications. Introduced in March as a replacement for the D-S H and D-S A series extruders, the HPE is available in an adjustable vertical or horizontal configuration in sizes ranging from 3/4-inch (19mm) to 1 3/4 inches (44mm). This extruder model utilizes a direct drive motor versus belts and sheaves for improved operation, and is built on a smaller footprint than previous designs to enable close proximity to the common die.
Another advantage of the HPE is the fast delivery. In stock extruders can be delivered in one to two weeks from order placement. For all non-stock machines, the delivery target is three to four weeks. Davis-Standard utilizes common components such as gearcases, feedsections and barrels on both the horizontal and adjustable models. The HPE has been well received by processors, as Davis-Standard has already sold several machines in various sizes.
For more information, contact Wendell Whipple at [email protected]

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