NPE: Extruder Specialist Successful in the U.S

Besides innovative extruders from the Alpha, Argos, Konos and Monos series a complete WPC line, of course in production, will be a center of attraction at Cincinnati Extrusion Inc. at this year’s NPE in Chicago. With more than 100 lines already in operation around the world producing wood-fiber-filled plastics, Cincinnati Extrusion Inc. ranks among the most experienced and best-known machine manufacturers in this industry.
‘Cincinnati Extrusion - THE ORIGINAL - is back’, this could summarize the com-pany’s last fiscal year in the U.S. After the ban on sales to America - imposed by contractual agreement with Milacron when the SMS group acquired Milacron’s extru-sion business - expired on January 1, 2005, Cincinnati Extrusion has already real-ized almost 10 million Euros in sales in the U.S., starting from zero. According to the extruder specialist, this is the most convincing evidence that the Cincinnati Extrusion brand stands for extruders for the profile, pipe and sheet industry that are in line with the market.
Proven technology for alternative applications
WPCs for outdoor applications such as decking and fencing have been established for a considerable time, especially in America. With its Fiberex line, Cincinnati is demonstrating new aspects of wood extrusion, such as complex geometries, extru-sion with humidity balancing, compounds with 75% wood filler content for indoor ap-plications. Cincinnati has specially developed the Fiberex series and continuously optimized it for WPC processing. With the fourth generation of Fiberex a modern ex-truder generation is available, which can fulfill virtually any customer requirements and is capable of a high output. At the NPE, Cincinnati will demonstrate a complete Fiberex pilot line with a Fiberex T58 extruder and an output of 440 lbs/h, on which a PP compound with 75% wood filler content will be processed. The line will manufac-ture a profile for the furniture industry with 2.5 mm wall thickness at 2 m/min calibra-tion speed. In addition to the Fiberex T 58 extruder, a total of 8 models with an out-put of up to 2750 lbs/h are available for WPC processing.

Alpha and Monos-37D single-screw extruders
Another eye-catcher on the NPE booth will be the Alpha tower, which has already become a tradition. Here, the machine manufacturer will show its bestseller, the Al-pha single-screw extruder. Since this standardized extruder, which is tailor-made for profile extrusion, was launched about five years ago, Cincinnati Extrusion has al-ready sold more than 300 Alphas. The two extruder models Alpha 45 and Alpha 60 are available as cash & carry products directly ex works from Cincinnati Extrusion U.S.A. at set prices of 33,600 US $ and 39,800 US $ respectively. Apart from attrac-tive pricing and short lead times; these extruders are noted for their advanced tech-nology, which of course meets today’s requirements.

From the latest series of its high-performance Monos single-screw extruders with an extremely long processing unit of 37 D, the Monos 90 with a performance of up to 2210 lbs/h will be exhibited in Chicago. This extruder series lends itself especially to the production of gas and sewage pipes from PE 80, PE 100 or PP-HM, and in gen-eral for all applications demanding high melt quality at low melt temperatures.
Argos and Konos twin-screw extruders
With the Konos 50, Cincinnati Extrusion is presenting a model from its latest genera-tion of conical twin-screw extruders. The four extruder models 38, 50, 63 and 72 of this series are noted for a combination of sturdy, high-performance drives with an extra-long processing unit, with which they achieve about 20% more throughput than their predecessor models from the Titan series. This extruder series is known for a wide processing window, being equally suitable for processing materials sensitive to shearing stress and for operating at high pressure levels. In addition to other process advantages, such as removal of the screw from the rear and the maintenance-free Intracool screw temperature control system, Konos extruders offer an excellent price/performance ratio. Currently Konos extruders are the most cost-efficient, com-pact and versatile conical extruders in their respective performance categories.
Finally, Argos 93 is a sample from Cincinnati Extrusion’s parallel twin-screw extruder series. Argos extruders are ideally suited for the production of pipes and sheet as well as profiles, such as window main profiles. They are specially designed to meet the requirements of the industry and feature high torque, which is provided by the extremely durable, high-performance 4-shaft gearbox. A great variety of screw ge-ometries are available to manufacture the full range of products from simple pipes and profiles and specialized parts up to functional multi-layer products, and including semi-finished products with high filler content. All Argos screws are equipped either with the maintenance-free, self-adjusting Intracool screw temperature control system or an active screw temperature control system.
Moreover, Cincinnati Extrusion offers replacement screws and barrels for all com-mon twin-screw extruder models on the market. Of course, these come with indi-vidually adjusted or proven existing geometries. Top-quality manufacturing ensures a long service life. As examples, some screws with the latest molybdenum plasma powder coating will be on display at the booth.

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