Tessenderlo: Plan to cut jobs

Belgian PVC maker Tessenderlo Group has drawn up a restructuring plan involving nearly 250 job losses aimed at saving E30m a year by next year.
The company has informed the works councils at its sites today of the programme which affects a number of sites in Belgium and elsewhere in Europe.
The company says that results of its chemicals business “have nose dived at an alarming rate” since 2000, due to cut throat competition and rising costs.
A detailed study involving ten different working groups, which generated a number of proposals, showed that important synergies could be achieved by merging LVM, TC Tessenderlo and TC Ham.
Among the planned changes is the transfer of the Brussels offices to Tessenderlo and the move of the French PVC research activities to Belgium.
Tessenderlo’s three plants in West Limburg employ more than 1,400 people while the administrative centre in Brussels has nearly 200 employees.

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