Jinming: Sale of film equipment in North America

China-based Jinming Plastics Equipment Co. Ltd. sold one monolayer film extruder and one cast film extruder on the first day of NPE and one three-layer extruder on the second day. The company, first to produce seven-layer and nine-layer coextrusion machines in China, licenses winding
technology from German firm Plamex Maschinebau GmbH and uses components from Israeli company Sysmetric, which operates in Germany and Mexico as well. In return, Jinming provides sales and cost-control support to its partners.
Starting sales in North America only in 2005, Jinming has already sold seven lines. One has been running for almost a year, two have been delivered to customers in Toronto, and four will be delivered in a few months. It has a sales agent, Plastic Equipment Co. Ltd. (PEC), in Vancouver.
Dennis Wong, PEC vice president of sales, said: “Compared to Taiwan machinery makers, Chinese companies are late comers to North America. The first and foremost task is to make the brand and products known to people.”

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