Davis-Standard: Solarium de Paris First to Install Davis-Standard XP Express™

Solarium de Paris of Québec, Canada recently installed a Davis-Standard, LLC XP Express™ sheet system to improve quality control and cost effectiveness for its growing line of commercial sunroom products. The system, installed in March, is being used to manufacture flexible PVC window film in widths up to 34 inches (860mm) in two colors and with a thickness of 0.020 mil. Solarium de Paris is the first company to install the XP Express, Davis-Standard’s new, pre-engineered roll stand with linear roll actuation and capabilities for lamination, auxiliary cooling, slitting and trimming, embossing and protective film applications.
“We purchased the sheet line from Davis-Standard for many reasons,” said Jacques Hébert, Solarium de Paris project manager. “First, we wanted to improve the quality and value of our sunroom windows by ensuring an adequate formulation while reducing production costs. Secondly, we are expanding our product line to include window film for various applications including the production of warehouse curtains. Davis-Standard demonstrated to us that their equipment was best-suited for our product applications and our production goals.”
According to Hébert, the XP Express has enabled Solarium de Paris to improve control over cooling, polishing and thickness of the finished product because of individual roll control. Each roll on the system has individual pumps, heat transfer units, electric motors and compressed air control, which improves consistency and product quality. Solarium de Paris is also pleased with the consistent throughput rates and operator safety benefits such as the straightforward roll change mechanism and hands-free roll gap and load control system.
“The new roll stand is a critical piece of machinery because it gives us a high quality finished product at the right price,” said Hébert. “Davis-Standard took great care in designing this new model and making sure it was suitable for our applications. Even after we purchased and installed the line, they were willing to make adjustments to ensure we have crystal clear PVC film. Davis-Standard is very proactive toward finding solutions, and they stick to what they say and advertise.”
Solarium de Paris is the only firm in the world to offer fully patented sunroom products built with aluminum structures, tinted flexible PVC sheet windows, and accessories made with rigid PVC, flexible PVC, or a coextruded combination of rigid and flexible PVC. The company markets its products to a range of customers through corporate stores and manufacturing facilities, partnerships or individually owned, with a protected sales territory in Canada, the United States and France. According to Hebert, “We set ourselves apart by offering a unique product that is affordable and durable for both homeowners and businesses. We sell a dream that is reachable for everyone.”
For more information on Solarium de Paris, visit www.solarium-de-paris.com or contact either Jean St Amour, president, at [email protected], or Jacques Hébert at [email protected] For more information about Davis-Standard’s sheet capabilities and the XP Express, contact Al ---bacher at [email protected]

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