Cosmo Films: BOPP film line from Bruckner

After having had an excellent working partnership for many years, Cosmo Films Ltd. and Bruckner have now once again teamed up with one another and have concluded a contract for a new BOPP project. Cosmo Films, one of India’s biggest and most innovative BOPP film producers, operates seven BOPP lines at their production locations in Aurangabad and Baroda (Vadodara).
The majority of their lines exhibit a net film width of merely 4.2m - which according to today’s standards is a relatively low output. The new project will be a very challenging one: a high speed, wide BOPP line resulting in high output. This was one of the main reasons for Cosmo to go with Bruckner again.
Bruckner is very proud and pleased to once again be the partner of Cosmo Films. Hopefully, this will once more prove to be a fruitful cooperation for all parties involved.

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