Treofan: 8.2m wide multi-layer BOPP line

International film producer Treofan is to invest US$45m in a major expansion of its production and R&D facility at Zacapu in Mexico. The project includes installation of an 8.2m wide five-layer BOPP line from Brückner, providing a production output of 36,500tpa and a linear production speed of 525 m/min. “This investment is an important strategic step for Treofan towards strengthening our competitive position in the Americas and globally,” says Treofan chief executive Peter A Briggs. “With this investment we will be able to better serve our North American customers with reliable, high quality speciality products at competitive prices,” he says. Brückner has been appointed general contractor for the entire Zacapu project, managing everything from groundworks and building construction through to logistics and production equipment installation and commissioning.

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