Process Control Corporation: New Blender Controller

Process Control Corporation, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is pleased to unveil a new operator interface control panel for use on the X-Series line of continuous gravimetric blenders, the Guardian Series line of gravimetric batch blenders and the Gravitrol extrusion and linespeed control systems. This new operator control panel utilizes a 5′ color touch screen interface. The touch screen interface allows for ease of recipe entry and maneuverability around the various monitoring and control screens. With just a touch of the screen, the user can change to any page. The pages also display more information than the standard two-line display.
This new screen, in conjunction with Process Controls new automation tools - Trend Manager and Material Manager, helps to streamline the information gathering process. Trend Manager and Material Manager are versatile data collection and charting instruments, which allow users to analyze data over time. Trend Manger collects information on blender performance and/or Gravitrol® System performance. Material Manager analyzes the material usage of a blending system. They can work separately or in conjunction to collect, analyze, and store information on your production line effectiveness.
Trend Manager assists in tracking and plotting production data to better serve your production needs. It can track the accuracy of blend percentages, layer distribution ratios, and overall line stability. Also, layer distribution can be tracked on co-extrusion lines to assure a good, consistent finished product.
Material Manager accurately tracks the material usage of each blender used in the production line. Recording material usage allows the system to report on how much and which type of material was used on each job, shift, blender, and recipe. This system of recording material usage will provide processors with a better understanding of the costs incurred in processing an order. Additionally, Process Control’s Material Manager software is able to identify and minimize waste.
Both data gathering systems will operate on a Microsoft Windows-based PC. Communication is established with the mini-op controller using a serial/ Ethernet port connection, with the aid of a DDE server package residing in the host PC. All protocols supported by the mini-op controller are also supported by Trend Manager and Material Manager.
As a processor, you’ll benefit greatly from this new, easy-to-use touch screen interface control panel and automation software. The data collected will assist you in improving your production system and performance, thus lowering costs.

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