Kuraray Co.: Price Revisions for Methacrylic Resin Extruded and Cast Sheets

Kuraray Co., Ltd. and Kuraray Trading Co., Ltd. announced that the price of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) resin extruded sheets, COMOGLAS, and PMMA cast sheets, will increase for shipments commencing August 21, 2006. Details of the price increase are set out below.
Against a backdrop of vigorous demand for PMMA sheets for all types of optical and transparent materials, the supply and demand balance in Japan and Asia has been tight. Furthermore, the prolonged increases of crude oil and naphtha prices have adversely impacted profit from all types of PMMA sheets.
In order to maintain future security of supply amid the rise in demand, and to improve profitability of both PMMA extruded COMOGLAS and cast sheets, both Kuraray and Kuraray Trading will implement the price increases as outlined below.

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