Success in Moscow and Berlin with Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik

KBE Fenster-Systeme, Berlin, today a member of the Profine Group, recognized the market potential of window profiles in Eastern Europe at an early stage and established an agency in 1995, followed by a full-fledged production facility near Moscow in 2000. Extremely successful from the very beginning, the Russian plant currently processes more than 40,000 tons of dry blend resin into window profiles for the domestic market.
‘We are more than satisfied with the development of our two production plants in Berlin and Woskresensk. For 2006, we plan a further expansion of our capacity here in Berlin, with the aim of producing 90,000 tons annually, which is an increase of about 13% on the previous year’s output, and will mean a 100% increase in our production figures over the last five years’, says Berthold Lenter, plant manager in Berlin. Hans W. Neumann, plant manager in Woskresensk adds: ‘We are responding to the extremely dynamic growth of the Russian profile market by adjusting our capacity. We are also planning for further expansion in 2007. With the acquisition of additional extrusion lines we expect to increase our annual output to 80,000 tons.’
Since its foundation in 1980, KBE (Plastics processing for the building and electrical industries), one of the leading profile manufacturers, has maintained close business relations with Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik. The processor lays great store by this machine manufacturer’s complete line competence and operates exclusively extrusion lines conceived and manufactured by a single supplier, including the extruder as well as the calibration table, the cooling bath, the hauloff and the cutting saw. 55 complete lines from Bad Oeynhausen ensure continuous profile extrusion in Berlin. In the Russian plant, KBE also uses exclusively lines from Battenfeld. While Profine initially transferred used extrusion lines from Berlin to Woskresensk, the company is now steadily increasing its train of machines by adding new lines, a policy to be continued in future.
‘KBE is a global pioneer in high performance manufacturing of window profiles’, Manfred Jäcker, product manager for profiles at Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik, explains. ‘The Profine group is always ready to test newly developed equipment in everyday production and thus contributes to the continuing success of our extrusion lines in meeting the challenges of the market.’
High productivity combined with high cost efficiency is a basic necessity for this profile manufacturer, therefore extrusion lines according to latest technological standards are indispensable. High uptime and quick, efficient after sales service are essential for competent handling of the growing market as well as continuous new product development in both KBE plants. With its complete line competence and excellent service all from a single source - Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik is the ideal partner.

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