Klockner Pentaplast: Two Innovators, One Objective: Outstanding Film Quality

Leading film specialist Klockner Pentaplast Group has decided to expand their production capacity by adding an additional shrink film line for PVC and PETG. Based on their philosophy to manufacture their innovative products entirely on only the most modern production machines, their new line will once again come from Bruckner. Both companies hereby continue their traditional close relationship, having already successfully completed four projects in the USA and Germany.
Among the decisive factors for Klockner Pentaplast to once again rely on Bruckner were Bruckner’s proven turnkey and planning expertise - ensuring smooth, on time execution of the entire project - and of course the 3.5 m wide line’s compelling technology:
• superior oven design for optimized stretching quality and lowest energy consumption
• highest flexibility for different raw materials: PVC, PETG, PS and many more
• operating speed of up to 250 m/min
The new line will be located at Klockner Pentaplast’s plant in Rayong/Thailand. As a result, Klockner Pentaplast will be able to increase their market presence in the growing film markets of Asia and Oceania by providing high quality speciality film from 20 to 200 µm for labels and sleeves. In addition to standard film types, special qualities will be made to order upon customer’s request.

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