Davis-Standard: XP Express Well-Received by Sheet and Film Processors

The pre-engineered XP Express™ roll stand system from Davis-Standard, LLC is gaining momentum in the sheet and packaging film markets. Davis-Standard has built and sold six XP Express systems over the past few months with dozens of inquiries in the works. The system, introduced in late 2005, is attractive to processors because of a competitive price, fast delivery and versatile design. The
XP Express is equipped for the full range of sheet and packaging applications, including capabilities for lamination, solution coating, auxiliary cooling, slitting and trimming, embossing and protective film.
“The interest level is very high for this system because of its ease of access and operating features such as dynamic nip force (PLI) control,” explained Al ---bacher, business area manager for Davis-Standard’s sheet systems. “We’ve received very positive feedback from customers and anticipate that we’ll have several more of these systems in the field shortly.”
The first customer to purchase and install the XP Express, Solarium de Paris of Québec, Canada, is using the system to manufacture flexible PVC window film in widths up to 34 inches (860mm) in two colors and with a thickness of 0.020 mil. According to Jacques Hébert, Solarium de Paris project manager, the XP Express has enabled their company to improve control over cooling, polishing and thickness of the finished product. “Each roll on the system has individual pumps, heat transfer units, electric motors and compressed air control, which improves consistency and product quality,” said Hebert. “We’ve also been pleased with the consistent throughput rates and operator safety features including the roll change mechanism and hands-free roll gap and load control system.”
The XP Express is equipped with high-speed features for thin gauge applications and has the capacity for temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be configured in an upstack, downstack, offset top or offset bottom arrangement with roll cooling for three, four or five rolls. The design meets or exceeds all current safety requirements. Custom models are available for both custom sheet applications (“CS”) and packaging applications (“PS”). Optional equipment includes hot melt laminating unwinds, protective film let-offs, sheet stress relief systems, post embossing assemblies, web solution applicators, thickness measurement systems, edge trim and multi-lane slitting devices, and auxiliary web cooling systems among others.
For more information about the XP Express, contact Al ---bacher at [email protected]

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