Davis-Standard: Jump in Reclaim Equipment Sales

Strong market conditions in the reprocessing sector have resulted in an increase of reclaim equipment sales for Davis-Standard, LLC over the past two years. The company has seen a rise in inquiries and North American sales for its single screw ram stuffer extruder and Scrapper® dual-diameter extruders as well as the Merritt Cascade System. According to Steve Kriger, Davis-Standard’s reclaim product manager, sales have been strong due to the high price of resin, environmental concerns and a strong product offering.
“The price of resin has been a key factor in companies wanting to reclaim more of the waste produced in generating their products. It is also a very positive trend from an environmental perspective. Most of our customers are buying machines to reclaim film, foam and injection molded scrap.” He added, “With the addition of the Merritt brand to our product offering last summer, we have even more to offer customers in the way of extruders and complete systems for reprocessing post industrial and post consumer waste materials such as low and high bulk density scrap, lightweight feedstocks, printed scrap and rolled scrap.”
Davis-Standard can build reclaim extruders to process materials at rates from 50 to 10,000 pounds (23 to 4,545 kg) per hour. Equipment is available for upstream material preparation, storage and feeding, as well as downstream pellet collection. Feedscrews can be custom designed to accommodate a range of materials.
The addition of Merritt technology has expanded Davis-Standard’s reclaim product line. The Merritt Cascade System provides a cost-effective venting solution for reclaiming materials and producing high quality pellets by removing moisture and ink levels from raw materials such as PE, Nylon, PET and PP. The Merritt Polycycle® System is an all-in-one system equipped with a ram feeder or wide mouth feed to reprocess waste from scrap to pellet.
For more information about Davis-Standard’s reclaim solutions, contact Steve Kriger at [email protected] or Sandy Guthrie at [email protected]

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