Cereplast: Expansion of bioplastics capacity

US bioplastics company Cereplast has added a further 10,000sqft (8500sqm) of manufacturing space at its Californian production unit in anticipation of accelerating demand from US customers.
The company, which claims to manufacture 100% bio-sourced plastics from a combination of PLA, starch and nano-composite additives, says the expanded facility will house a new production line lifting its production capacity to 40m pounds a year (18,000 tonnes).
When operational, the new line will make the company the second largest US producer of bioplastic resins. Natureworks, which supplies PLA to Cereplast, holds number one position with its 140,000 tonne plant in Nebraska.
“This expansion allows us to continue to meet the growing demands from our new customers and the ever increasing orders from our existing clients,” says Cereplast Chairman and CEO Frederic Scheer.
Interest in bioplastics in the US marketplace is growing fast. US research group Freedonia’s latest study of the sector predicts demand to increase by 20% annually to 185,000 tonnes by 2010.
Latest developments in the global bio-sourced plastics marketplace will be discussed at the 8th Bioplastics conference in Germany in December. The event will look at the latest developments in packaging and technical markets and explore critical supply chain issues. http://www.bpevent.com/

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