Deceuninck: Benefits from recovery in German construction

Deceuninck’s third quarter turnover increased by 1% year-on-year to reach €180.3m, the PVC windows group said.
The UK market has showed a “sharp decline” in demand for windows in the renovation sector, but this was offset in the quarter by a “clear recovery” in residential construction in Germany, where turnover has double-digit growth, it said. France and Belgium also delivered substantial turnover increases.
A building boom in Russia and Ukraine contributed to an 11% turnover increase in the eastern Europe region. Excluding Poland, where there has been a construction downturn this year, Deceuninck’s turnover in the region rose by 25% in the third quarter.
Turkey is also proving a successful market for the company, providing turnover growth of 20% versus the same quarter of 2005.
Polymer price rises led to Deceuninck raising its product prices. In the third quarter PVC prices were 25% higher than the third quarter of last year and the company said it does not expect the recent decrease in oil prices to have any impact on PVC prices until the end of the year.

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