Dugdale: New Gasket Compounds

Two new nitrile PVC gasket compounds with attractive cost performance profiles aimed at co-extrusion sealing applications in the PVC window systems sector have been launched by Dugdale, a specialist PVC and dry blend compounder. Branded Ducaseal, the PVC/nbr (acrylonitrile butadiene rubber) materials are suitable for static and dynamic applications. Formulated to offer a deflection recovery of 27% the static compound will provide a durable seal between PVC profiles and sealed glazing units. Conversely, the dynamic compound features a deflection recovery of 43% and is designed to provide weatherproof door and window closure seals. Both compounds have been developed for ease of processing on co-extrusion and post co-extrusion processes. Compounds of this type are highly specified and must meet the performance requirements of BPF 345/2. They require considerable technical formulation skills, as well as mixing and compounding capabilities, to enable processors to manufacture end products that will adhere to PVC and offer consistently good surface finish — an important characteristic that minimises the ingress of dust and dirt and so increases product service life. Dugdale has already secured orders from both systems manufacturers and gasket suppliers. Ducaseal will be also be available in a range of colours alongside black, white or grey, the most popular shades in Europe.

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