Reifenhäuser: New Blown Film Technology

A three-layer Filmtec 3-1700-IBC blown film line impressed the visitors with an increase in the output of 25–30%. The following new developments are included in a special high performance package: Extruder with direct drive (REItorque) equipped with newly developed low-temperature screw suitable for increased outputs with consistently excellent homogeneity; Blown film die-head optimised for pressure and throughput; and REI2cool air ring system. Three-layer thin shrink film of 40 to 50 µm thickness which was produced on the Filmtec 3-1700-IBC blown film line with very good optical and mechanical properties, aroused the special interest of the company’s longstanding customers. The Filmtec 5-1700-IBC blown film line was presented by Reifenhäuser in conjunction with a newly developed five-layer die-head with spiral mandrels particularly suitable for the production of very thin individual layers, for example, from EVOH, tie resins, etc. The die-head offers high flexibility and performance in the production of polyolefin structures and the processing of barrier raw materials such as EVOH and polyamide. This will allow Reifenhauser’s customers to enter the market for five-layer barrier films in addtion to the production of the classical three-layer structures. The Filmtec 3-1700-IBC-RHS of compact design was the third type of blown film lines presented by Reifenhäuser. This line is characterised by a very favourable price/performance ratio and short delivery times due to its standardised design. The line is especially suitable for the production of high-quality film and stretch hoods.

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