Hayes Industries: Purchase of Three More Merritt Extruders

Hayes Industries, Inc. of Sugar Land, Texas, recently purchased three Merritt extruders from Davis-Standard, LLC, including a 4-inch (100mm) machine at NPE in June. A specialty plastics/custom cabling manufacturer and post-tensioning industry OEM, Hayes Industries installed one of the extruders at its Texas plant and delivered the others to customers as part of complete systems packages. This purchase is typical for the company, which has purchased two to three Merritt extruders annually for more than 10 years. According to company president and owner Norris Hayes, Merritt extruders have been an integral part of the company’s diversified operation as an OEM and manufacturer of cables used in the oil, defense, petrochemical, communication, geophysical, marine, high temperature and fiber optics industries.
“The Merritt machines have held up extremely well for our in-house operation as well as for our customers who manufacture post-tensioning products. These machines are able to run the full range of thermoplastic materials for demanding applications at a maximum of 125 rpms, 100 percent of the time, 24 hours a day,” explained Hayes. “They are straightforward, quality machines with excellent outputs. We’ve also been very pleased with Merritt’s outstanding people and service. Their pricing is fair and delivery times are good.”
The reliability and value of the machines has been important for Mr. Hayes as the company prides itself on manufacturing cables for harsh environments as well as short runs, tight lead times and unique product requirements. There is no minimum cable
length requirement and Hayes Industries can deliver even complex cable assembles in two to three weeks. They also manufacture and stock standard cables, which can be cut to any length, for blanket purchase orders. In addition to cables, the company extrudes tubing with capabilities for single or multiple components and high temperature plastics. In the area of post-tensioning, Hayes Industries has been a leader for more than 20 years, offering a broad range of products and services. Post-tensioning products are used to reinforce concrete, masonry and structures such as roads and bridges.
Hayes added, “I’ve been in the wire and cable business for nearly 40 years, so I’ve been exposed to both Davis-Standard and Merritt equipment for a long time. Both companies have a great reputation and products, so having them under one umbrella is beneficial to us. We look forward to continuing the relationship.”
Hayes Industries supports customers throughout the U.S. and South America. For more information, visit www.hayesindustries.com. For more information about Merritt extruders, contact Sandy Guthrie at [email protected]

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