American Maplan: New Profile Extrusion Line from American Maplan Offers Quality and Economy

American Maplan’s techBEX is a standardized, modular line concept for small profile production that was designed in collaboration with Battenfeld Extrusion Systems Ltd. (PR China). Since debuting at NPE 2006 in Chicago this June, interest in techBEX in recent months has been steady. The line is available with two standard choices for single screw extruders, 45 mm and 60 mm, which are chosen by the processor based on production demand. As an option, American Maplan twin screw extruders can also be used with the techBEX. American Maplan specializes in the design and production of screw geometries to optimize the performance of the extruder specific to the customers’ mate-rial and profile product design. The downstream becomes a single unit or can be arranged as stand-alone unit.
Downstream equipment includes a model CT2500/V1 calibration table with 2.5-m (8.2-ft.) clamping table, manual cross adjustment of +/- 50 mm and length adjustment of +/- 200 mm. The haul off is model B100E with a 90 mm wide belt, 1200 mm contact length, 100 mm maximum opening and 50 m (164 ft.) per minute speed. The model FK63 flying knife cut off delivers up to 600 cuts per minute on profiles up to 50 by 50 mm, at a maximum speed of 30 m (98 ft.) per minute. Also available are the SP 50E Servo Saw with a cross section area 50 x 50 mm/120 x 60 mm and Tip Table model PA 150/3m.
With standardized designs, techBEX lines are available at a competitive price and with short delivery times. Arriving on site preassembled and wired, production on the complete downstream package can start as soon as the line is connected to the compressed air, water and electrical supply systems.

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