Ampacet: Masterbatch Creates Frosted Glass Look in Extruded Sheet

Those who give PET bottles a frosted-glass look for use with cosmetics, alcohol and other high-end consumer goods have, until now, resorted to spray painting to gain this premium color effect. A new product from Ampacet, the leading masterbatch supplier, eliminates the time and expense of painting by allowing processors to use a masterbatch to add a frosted look to stretch blow molded bottles and thermoformed containers made from extruded sheet.

‘Our estimates indicate that molded frosted plastic bottles cost at least 90 percent less than those that are painted,’ says Stuart Swain, market development specialist. ‘As an added benefit, end users gain a more durable package because the color occurs throughout the wall, so it cannot be scraped off, and the package will not shatter if dropped as glass can.’
The new masterbatch can be formulated for use with acrylic and polycarbonate. It can also be formulated with Ampacet’s new PET binder system, Formula X™, which eliminates predrying, so it can go directly from storage to machine. The non-drying system also saves energy, improves productivity and makes dryerS available for other materials.
‘Consumer companies are hot on the frosted look in plastic packaging because they want to duplicate the fresh, clean, premium appearance of sandblasted glass, while gaining the safety of plastic,’ says Doug Brownfield, strategic business manager. ‘Our new frosted masterbatch does this for PET and other clear resins in one step as part of standard stretch blow molding and sheet extrusion operations. It is a flexible product that can be tinted to create other effects. It can, for instance, be given the soft blue and green tones of vintage glass.’
The intensity of the frosted effect depends on the letdown ratio, which is typically between 1 and 5 percent. Bottle appearance can range from translucent to opaque. The masterbatch also allows the use of pearlescent and other special effect pigments in PET, which can enhance the frosted look without the streaking, pin holes and other issues often associated with such pigments in PET.

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