Cincinnati Extrusion: World’s Largest Counter-rotating Extruder

Cincinnati Extrusion GmbH, Vienna, Austria has just shipped the largest parallel counter rotating twin-screw extruder ever built to an American customer. The 30-ton jumbo with an output of up to 2,000 kg/h is the ideal equipment for high-speed manufacturing of PVC sheet.
The Argos 173, which has been built for the first time, is more than one third bigger than the Argos 135, previously the largest parallel twin screw extruder model of the Cincinnati range. Naturally, the machine manufacturer’s proven high precision techniques have also been applied to the screw and barrel of this new extruder with a total length of 9.5 m. It is powered by the wellknown, high performance four shaft drive system. As is the case with all other Argos extruders, the jumbo model features robust construction, simple operation and versatility in respect of tooling and materials processed. The 28 D processing unit with an innovative screw geometry and an active internal screw temperature microcontroller, plus the efficient apc air cooling system for the barrel, ensure high precision melt temperature control during processing, thus providing the perfect equipment to manufacture high quality, low density PVC foam sheet up to 31 mm thickness.

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