Coperion Waeschle introduces new conveying solution

At the Coperion group symposium on Wednesday last week, held at the Waeschle material handling subsidiary plant in Niederbiegen, Coperion Waeschle launched a new Vacutakt conveying system that can provide gentle conveying with low wear of abrasive materials such as glass fibre reinforced plastics granulate, providing protection for both the equipment and the product.
Stating that wear is proportional to the third power of the speed, Andreas Weber, Waeschle’s general manager of the bulk materials plants business unit, described how the Vacutakt intermittent flow vacuum conveying system achieves slow motion conveying and control of the load factor through use of a pulse controller and setting of the amount of air flow, so that abrasion is kept low and sensitive plastic materials protected.
Vacutakt has capability to convey up to 15 tonnes/hour up to a distance of 70 metres, using DN 50 to DN 125 pipe ducting diameters and conveying differential pressure of up to 0.7 bar.

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