Conair: Installation of Davis-Standard Extruder in Pittsburgh Lab

Conair recently installed a 3 1/2-inch (90mm) Davis-Standard extruder at the company’s technical center in Pittsburgh, Penn. The extruder is being used for developing and testing new downstream equipment designs. Specifically, it enables Conair to support trials for larger tubing and profile applications, and those with higher output requirements.
“We’ve had a long-standing relationship with Davis-Standard and a mutual respect for each other’s capabilities in the industry. This extruder is a welcomed addition to our lab,” said Ernie Preiato, Vice President of Applied Products for Conair. “In addition to testing new downstream equipment, we’ll be using this extruder for customer demonstrations, product development and prototype samples.”
Conair’s technical center is widely used by the company’s engineers as well as customers. It is also available to Conair’s OEM partners like Davis-Standard who want to take customers to the facility. With the technical center, Conair has created a plant-like setting that enables its engineers to work with equipment before it is used in the field. Customers use the facility to enhance existing products, improve output rates or product tolerances, and develop new products for prototype samples before going to production. According to Preiato, the facility enables customers to have time for “pure development” which is often hard with the production deadlines that exist in a typical plant environment.
For more information about Conair’s technical center, contact Ernie Preiato at [email protected] For more information about Davis-Standard’s laboratory and small systems equipment, contact Simon Dominey at [email protected]

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