American Maplan: Screw Design Team improves output rate

Custom screw design team improves output rate and product yield American Maplan Corporation’s custom screw-design team is currently developing screws addressing specific needs for the market including rate improvement, melt
stability and homogeneity. These benefits are paving the way for significant improvements in output rate and product yield.
The team’s knowledge in material formulations supports the intricate design criteria for each functional zone of the screws. These functional zones include the feed, preheating, mixing, venting and metering. The balance of volumes and energy input in
each of these zones is critical to the success of the final screw geometry. To complete the Total Extrusion Solution, American Maplan offers screw coating technology for all types of screws. A laser-sensor controlled PTA welder technology is used to precision coat the screw flights with tungsten carbide for parallel and conical screws. Molybdenum coating is also available.
American Maplan manufactures single, twin-parallel, twin-conical and parallel screws and screw designs for competitors’ machines, providing over 400 different screw geometries for 65 different extruder models for the top manufacturers in the world.
For more information, contact American Maplan at (620) 241-6843 or [email protected]

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