Klockner Pentaplast and Alba: PET-Recycling-Pilot Project in Eisenhuttenstadt

Klockner Pentaplast and ALBA, Germany, have agreed to jointly invest in an integrated PET-bottle recycling pilot project to be located in Eisenhuttenstadt, Germany. The 5 Mio € newly formed company, PET-CO GmbH, will be managed by the Klockner Pentaplast Group. PET-CO will use proprietary technology transferred from Klockner Pentaplast/Americas to use recycled PET bottles for the manufacture of PET film for food, general-purpose thermoforming, and boxmaking packaging applications, as well as other technical applications. The investment by kp in a recycling plant is a step towards sustainable business practice and a voluntary action towards fulfilling the 36% recycling target specified in German packaging regulations.
ALBA-Wertstoffmanagement GmbH, a subsidiary of ALBA Group, will have the responsibility for the collection and sorting of PET beverage containers. The 1.500 m² plant will produce 15.000 tons of flake and create 30 new jobs. The PET-CO pilot plant will start up in the first quarter of 2007. The facility will operate to the same high-quality standards that are practiced in kp film production facilities (ISO 9001:2000). All raw materials will meet national and European regulations/standards for consumer and safety requirements.

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