Soveplast: Reorganisation of its Chantonnay PVC profiles plant

A reorganisation of Soveplast’s Chantonnay facility in France is likely to lead to the loss of 28 jobs, the PVC profiles company said.

Soveplast is a subsidiary of Arkema’s Alphacan Pipes and Profiles business unit. It produces PVC profiles for applications in window shutters and blinds, but the competitiveness of the Chantonnay site is “being adversely affected primarily by the complexity of its production range which is undermining its results”, an Arkema statement said.

The management of the Chantonnay facility has presented to the Works Council a project intended to restore the site’s competitiveness. This would be achieved by ceasing products with the weakest margins.

The project aims to ensure the long-term future of the site by also investing in new products. The statement said: “High added value activities would see their profitability boosted by development investments and by the introduction of a targeted sales policy.”

Another measure, designed to reduce operating costs, would involve the central services of the Chantonnay site merging with those of the nearby Sablé-sur-Sarthe site.

The management is looking at redeployment, internally or externally, of all employees affected by job losses.

Alphacan has ten production plants in five European countries, producing around 110,000 tonnes of extruded PVC and PEX products each year.

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