Wayne Machine: New 30” (750MM) Cast Film Takeoff with Orientation Capability

Wayne Machine has introduced a new medium sized “Yellow Jacket” Cast Film Takeoff System that features Orientation capability. This is accomplished by a second chill roll featuring a high precision speed ratio follower drive linked to the main chill roll drive. The closed loop AC Flux Vector drive system maintains the selected speed ratio between the two rolls allowing the film to be oriented in the machine direction to the exact degree required. Once set, the motors are constantly monitored with encoders to maintain the degree of orientation. The chill rolls feature double shell, spiral baffle construction with mirror finish chrome plating, and are direct driven with independent motors. A nip roll station is an integral part of the takeoff system. The nip rolls also feature a precision speed ratio follower drive linked to the second chill roll that maintains the exact amount of film tension desired. Orientation and Tension control are key to achieving critical mechanical property parameters in the finished film, especially when dealing with engineering and highly filled polymers. Various roll finishes are available to make specialized film, such as corrosion resistant types for Teflon FEP, and anti-stick matte finishes for polyurethane films. A complete emergency stop system opens the nip rolls and stops the chill rolls whenever air pressure drops, the safety chain is pulled or when a mushroom pushbutton is pressed. Screw jacks provide for easy height adjustment of the entire system. The new “Yellow Jacket” Cast Film Takeoff systems are ideal for adding Cast Film capability to existing extruders, as drop in replacements for existing takeoffs or as part of a complete cast film system including extruder, die, takeoff and winder. Complete computer and SCADA control system interface is available for automatic, remote control and data logging and trending. Custom options, including payoffs for fiber or paper backed film are available.

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