Degussa: Plastics films and surfaces project

Degussa, a subsidiary of specialty chemicals group RAG, has launched a Functional Films and Surfaces research group to be based in Hanau-Wolfgang, Germany. The 20-strong team will work for three years on applications for polymer films and surface coatings. Dr Alfred Oberholz, deputy chairman of Degussa’s Management Board, is responsible for R&D and said: “The Functional Films & Surfaces Project House will focus on markets that are commercially very attractive.” Oberholz said the markets for flat screens and photovoltaics are growing, and that Degussa wants to develop these markets with its polymer products. “The new functional plastic films and semifinished products should, among other things, make it easier and more cost effective to manufacture solar cells and improve light efficiency and picture quality of flat screens…”, he continued. By way of objectives, Degussa plans to have prototypes by the end of 2009, which its business units can then bring to market.

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