Borealis: Introduction of All-round Siliconisable PP Film

Borealis, a leading innovative plastics provider, is opening up new opportunities for the cost-effective production of film to be used in adhesives and packaging applications with the development of a unique polypropylene (PP) film grade. New BA110CF provides films with superior performance compared to standard products. A pioneering product design offers an industry first with a one-film solution for all siliconisation processes. This reduces production costs for converters by eliminating the need for different sealing films depending on the siliconisation process required for a particular end product.
Applications requiring release properties include carrier sheets for storing tapes and labels prior to application. For this, a layer of silicone is applied to the film carrier sheet to provide release behaviour between the film and the tapes or labels. For meat packaging, a silicone layer is added to the packaging film to ensure that as little meat as possible sticks to the film. With BA110CF consumers can more easily remove all of the packaging contents at the time of use.
In addition to its all-round siliconisation benefit, BA110CF also offers good processing on blown film lines. Its high curing ability, when the silicone layer is applied in a liquid state, can further increase processing efficiency for converters.
The ideal combination of additives and product conditions ensures good long-term adhesion between the silicone layer and the film. This helps to maintain a film’s performance over a longer lifetime and avoids traditional adhesion issues experienced with standard products.
The key characteristics of BA110CF allow converters to produce films with a range of performance advantages compared to paper. Its high stiffness/good toughness ratio ensures greater mechanical strength.. This makes the film more suitable as a carrier sheet for industrial applications where extra force needs to be applied to release tapes and labels, for example. This improved performance reduces the potential for waste and production run interruptions at the converter.
The higher water vapour barrier of PP film reduces water absorption, which, in combination with the high heat resistance characteristic of BA110CF, increases its suitability over paper for medical applications requiring sterilisation treatment. The film offers greater microbe resistance than paper, making it an attractive choice not only for medical applications but also other high-end sectors, such as the semiconductor industry.
Peter Niedersub, Product Development Engineer for Borealis’ film business, comments: ‘BA110CF offers film converters a unique combination of cost-saving and performance advantages over standard film materials. This benefits converters and improves the quality of the adhesive and packaging products they can offer to the various end markets. Its all-round siliconisation suitability delivers an exciting step forward in expanding the use of PP film by the adhesive and packaging industries.’ Borealis has more than 40 years experience in providing advanced polyolefin solutions for industries using film, coating and thermoforming products. With foresight throughout the value chain and a focus on customer needs, Borealis continues to provide innovative, value creating PP and PE solutions for the film industry.
Borealis is a leading provider of innovative, value creating plastics solutions. With more than 40 years of experience in the polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) business, we focus on pipe systems, energy and communications cables, automotive and advanced packaging markets. We are strong in Europe and growing in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific through Borouge, our joint venture with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). Our technology makes an essential contribution to the society in which we live. We are committed to lead the way in ‘Shaping the Future with Plastics’.

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