Barrier film to grow well in US market

Barrier film will continue its strong growth in the US market over the next few years, retaining its position as the largest segment of the specialty film industry, according to a report by the Freedonia Group. The US research group expects barrier film demand to reach a value of $3.74bn in 2010, representing a 5.5% annual increase from its 2005 level of $2.87bn. Growth will be driven by strong demand for barrier film in meat packaging, necessary for maintaining an optimum atmosphere inside the pack. The overall market for specialty film is forecast to reach $7.30bn in 2010, a 4.8% annual rise from $5.78bn in 2005. Conductive film will experience strong growth of 6.9% per year, taking demand to $541m in 2010. This will be fuelled by a resurgent US electronics industry, according to Freedonia.

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